[Lex Computer & Tech Group/LCTG] Security issues with the ZOOM application

Robert Primak bobprimak at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 3 10:50:06 PDT 2020

 I should refer you folks to Bill Ricker , a member of Natick FOSS user group. He's been all over this issue, and has insider information which he may or may not be able to share.  Contact Dick Miller at Miller Micro if you want to know what the open-source community thinks of Zoom. 
TheMillers at millermicro.com (This is not a link.)

The details are pretty bad as far as the parent company of Zoom is concerned. (This is a link.)

I would say their response page is almost as bad as the Facebook response to the Cambridge Analytica revelations. We may not have a better choice for our meetings, but the claim made by Zoom that their service is HIPAA compliant is at this point totally laughable to me.
My Doctor used Zoom with me Wednesday afternoon for a Telemedicine Visit. I have no idea whether his office or network has taken additional steps to secure their instance of Zoom. I am betting they did not. Whoo-boy!!
We are all learning in these times. Sometimes we have to make choices where there are no truly good alternatives. 
And I in no way wish to override the judgment of Steve Isenberg. He has been very gracious and has worked very hard to keep us all in touch using Zoom and his other resources. These efforts are outstanding and commendable.
-- Bob Primak
    On Friday, April 3, 2020, 01:24:55 PM EDT, Olga P. Guttag <opg1000 at rcn.com> wrote:  
 Though some of us don’t care about having truly secure virtual meetings, many companies do. The article below describes security vulnerabilities in the ZOOM application and how to avoid some of these security issues.


Stay well,Olga===============================================
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