[Lex Computer & Tech Group/LCTG] Online Meeting via Zoom. The Science behind Columbus, presented by Bob Melanson. 10:00AM Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

Jonathan Goode jonathan.goode at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 10:35:41 PDT 2020

We will meet at the usual time, BUT ONLINE, using the Zoom Video
Conferencing Application, facilitated by Steve Isenberg.

There is an instruction page at https://toku.us/zoomish but note that the
URL and phone number shown are examples.

Some time after 9:45AM on Wednesday, choose one of the following options:

   - If you have the Zoom application installed, start it and join meeting
   with ID 876-574-6299
   - To join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Chromebook, or Android, (do not use
   a version of Microsoft Edge that is earlier than 38.14393.0.0), use your
   browser to go to: https://zoom.us/j/8765746299
   - From your smartphone, tap this: +16468769923,,8765746299#
   - From a “dumb” telephone, call 1 646 876 9923 and enter meeting ID: 876
   574 6299

Once the connection is established, you may need to locate and use the
on-screen controls that turn on the sound and the video. You should be able
to see and hear others and they should be able to see and hear you, if you
have a camera and microphone (each of which you can unmute selectively).

*Apr 29, 2020   The Science behind Columbus, presented by Bob Melanson*

*Below are our plans for Upcoming Meetings, some of which are tentative. We
will continue to have an online presentation every Wednesday until the
Community Center reopens. *

*May 6, 2020    The Manhattan Project, part 1, presented by Charles Holbrow

*May 13, 2020   Nuclear Power Generation (Dave Kahan). Confirmed*

*May 20, 2019  Boost-Phase Defense against ICBMs, presented by Dan
Kleppner. Because little was known publicly about the Bush proposal, the
American Physical Society initiated a study. Our presenter was co-chair of
the study group. Although the study is fifteen years old, little has

*May 27, 2020*
*George Burnell Part II Continuation/conclusion of George Burnell's earlier
presentation on 3D printing*
*June 3, 2020* *H-Bomb (Charles Holbrow)*

*June 10, 2020*
*Security Topics NY Times article dealing with privacy (Peter Albin) Phone
tracking of people (Charles Holbrow)*
*June 17, 2020* *Sabermetrics An approach to understanding Baseball (Andy
Andres by way of Jerry Slate)*
*June 24, 2020* *MOOC Massive Online Courses – What's new*
*July 1, 2020* *AI and Job Loss (Yumio agreed to do this)(George Burnell
and John Rudy to follow up; may end as 1 or 2 sessions)*
*July 8, 2020* *Update on the Internet of Things in the Age of Coronavirus
(Bob Primak)*

*July 15, 2020* *Potpourri*

   - *Tips for Using Zoom (Peter Albin, Steve Isenberg)*
   - * Onboard automotive diagnostics (Bill Quinn)*
   - * Right to Repair - who has the right to repair your car; vendor
   lockout (speaker TBD)*

*July 22, 2020* * Secrets of the lost Antikythera. A 2000 year old
computer. (Jonathan Goode)*
*July 29, 2020* *Frontline AI part 1 (AI for the Masses)
*August 5, 2020* *Advanced features of Excel and Word (Speaker ??)*
*August 12, 2020* *Frontline AI part 2 (see 7/29)*
*August 19, 2020* *Selected videos (Peter)*

*August 26, 2020*
*Potpourri Old tech: Reuse, Recycle, Renew. Ideas for reusing/repurposing
computers, tablets, phones you're not actively using any more** * home
theater, camera monitor, media player*
* * Recycling (Best Buy? Staples?)*
* * Linux*
*Sept 2, 2020* *Best of Freakonomics (Peter Albin has link to 70min video)*
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