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There are a number of people globally pursuing this same concept -- mostly
universities -- and targeting the poorer countries. It seems there are
patent barriers to regular ventilators as one Italian producer discovered.
Presumably the MIT approach avoids that..
At the moment GE has purchased a license for an FDA approved ventilator
model which Ford will be producing -- as are others. Shortly there will be
over capacity and a full pipeline. I believe Hospitals will opt for FDA
approved ventilators for serious patients.
The MIT style mechanically pumps the present hand pumped units that
proliferate in hospitals. It will be interesting to see if they evolve into
standby systems for less critical patients.

George Burnell

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> http://news.mit.edu/2020/ventilator-covid-deployment-open-source-low-cost-0326
> Fascinating design of a low cost ventilator
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